2021 Convention Handouts

s-01-A Catalyst for Change Towards a More Culturally Responsive CSD.pdf
s-03-Invisibility In Children's Book - Why Who You See Matters.pdf
s-05-Support Personnel and ASHA Certification for Assistants.pdf
s-06-Cluttering and What to Do About It.pdf
s-08-The Impact of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity on Stuttering.pdf
s-09–The Medical Speech-Language Pathologists’ Role in Delirium.pdf
s-11-Creating Equity-Centered Organizational Change/ What’s My Role in Increasing Diversity?.pdf
s-12-Educating Future Medical SLPs/ Bridging the Gap Between University and Clinical Practice.pdf
s-13-Evaluation and Eligibility/ Exploring Requirements and Research for School SLPs.pdf
s-15-Got CCCs? Now What? Specialty Certifications and Programs for the Medical SLP.pdf
s-17-Elicitation Strategies/ When “Repeat After Me” Isn’t Working.pdf
s-18-Differential Diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech.pdf
s-19-24-Evaluation of Voice and Voice Disorders Across Practice Settings – Part 1 and 2.pdf
s-20-SLP-SLPA Teams/ Balancing Supervision Requirements With the Real World.pdf
s-22-Compelling Case Studies/ PROMPT in Action.pdf
s-23-Educational Relevance for Single Speech Sound Errors.pdf
s-25-Using TeleAudiology to Increase Patient Access to Care.pdf
s-26-Bringing Joy to Communication With AAC.pdf
s-27-Vagal Nerve Injury and Dysphagia-Assessment and Treatment Planning.pdf
s-29-Be the Change for Students Who Have Hearing Loss.pdf
s-30-Using ACT With Older Students Who Stutter.pdf
s-32-Feeding Therapy in the School Setting.pdf
s-33-Arizona Assistive Technology Resources You Need to Know.pdf