Friday, April 29
01:30 pm – 03:00 pm

Session 13

Sharon Hendrickson-Pfeil, MeD, CCC-SLP
Level of Instruction: Intermediate  –  Agave Ballroom

This is a clinical presentation focusing upon AAC services provided to Spanish-speking children and adults in Arizona. The field as it applies this population is reviewed from a historical perspective. Advances in language options will be reviewed and available AAC device vocabularies and Spanish AAC apps will be described and discussed with reference to specific populations. The discussion will include a review of Spanish vocabularies for Saltillo’s TouchChat Suite, Spanish WordPower based vocabularies, Proloquo 4.1’s bilingual vocabulary, Unity based vocabularies and AVAZ Español. The advantages of providing AAC users with access to the language of the home are discussed and videotaped conversations with Spanish-speaking parents are included. Culturally appropriate strategies for inclusion of family members in device selection, customization of vocabulary and device training are presented.

Learner Outcomes: At the completion of this presentation, participants will be able to compare and contrast three SpanishAAC vocabularies available for AAC users, name three barriers to successful AAC outcomes in the Spanish-speaking community, describe three strategies helpful in supporting families as they facilitate AAC device across multiple communication contexts and list three considerations in customizing vocabulary for bilingual users.