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Differential Diagnosis and Management of Vocal Tremor versus Spasmodic Dysphonia
Clinical Methods for Evaluating Dysphagia

Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer, PhD (a.m. and p.m.)

Misdiagnosis of Speech and Language Disorders in Bilingual Children: Pitfalls and Solutions
Leah Fabiano-Smith, PhD (a.m. and p.m.)

A Plymorphism in Human Estrogen-Related Receptor Beta predicts Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Ishan Bhatt, PhD (p.m.)

Evaluating for AAC Apps and/or Devices
Debby McBride (a.m.)

Speech-Language Pathology and Concussion Management in Grades K-12
Sarah Dachtyl, PhD and Laurel Harris (a.m.)

Autism-Building Speech and Literacy Skills with Printed Cues!
Kelli Richmond (p.m.)

The Versatility of Narrative Assessment: Innovation in the Real World
Trina Spencer, PhD (a.m. and p.m.)

More than Speech Perception: Benefits of Amplification for Listening and Learning
Andrea Pittman, PhD (a.m.)

Holes in audiology: Re-framing the theoretical bases of clinical practice
Oneil Guthrie, PhD (a.m. and p.m.)

Technology Update: Audiologic and Otologic Perspectives
Kelly Hernandez, AuD, Naomi Hixson, Curtis Vanture, Mark Syms, M.D. (p.m.)

Relevant Issues Surrounding the Assessment of English Language Learning Children Suspected of Primary Language Impairment
Robert Kraemer, PhD, Jessica Carrizo, Alejandra Montelongo (a.m.)

Language Sampling Made Quick and Easy: SUGAR
Robert Owens, PhD (p.m.)


Feeding the Young Child, Setting the Stage for Mealtime Success
Randi Morgan and Emily Areinoff (a.m.)

Neuroplasticity and Rehabilitation: LSVT LOUD from Parkinson disease to Pediatrics
Cynthia Fox, PhD (p.m.)

Making Language Intervention Fun and Functional
Robert Owens, PhD (a.m. and p.m.)

Speechie Freebies
Mary Keeney and Ann Gortarez (p.m.)

Patients with Tongue Cancer, SLP's guide from Rehabilitation to Lymphedema
Carolyn Abraham (a.m.)

L.E.N.D Yourself to Interdisciplinary Collaboration: An Introduction to Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Katherine Mahosky, Ed.D, Jesirae Juarz, Ethan Wash (a.m.)

Let's Get Telepractical: Nuts & Bolts of Speech Telepractice
Michael Towey (p.m.)

Culturally Relevant Issues and Treatment Implications for Latinos
Fe Murray, EdD (a.m.)

Motivation Interviewing: How to Turn “Small Talk” into “Change Talk”
Judith King, PhD, Fe Murray, EdD (a.m.)

Successful Strategies by SLPAs in Schools
Catherine Bacon, Hyrum Borrego, Emily Chambers, Alicia Prince, Taylor Troutt, Mackenna Nelson, Cassie Elias (a.m.)

Pragmatic Language Evaluation
Jennifer Salmon and Lorri Andrews (a.m.)

Moving beyond 1:1 Therapy: Group Therapy for Aphasia
Fabiane Hirsch, Ph.D. (p.m.)

Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: Diagnosis and Intervention Strategies
Barbara Cone, Ph.D., Cass Faux, Linda Norrix, Ph.D., David Velenovsky, Ph.D. (p.m.)

Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Children Who Stutter (a.m.)
Differential Diagnosis of Fluency Disorders (p.m.)

Vivian Sisskin

Technical Sessions: Saturday PM
Measuring the relationship between lexical and phonological ability in preschoolers
Brooke Santos and Anna Sosa

Adolescents’ Perceptions of Adult Stuttering Self-Disclosure
Judith King, Ph.D., Lauren Montgomery, Gabrielle Posner, Joanna Wong, Brooke Maley, Kelsey Raab, Antonia Walton

Accuracy and Reliability of Judgments of Nasality in Toddlers’ Speech
Kristin Rumery, Caety Chong, Amy Lougher, Jeannette Hoit, Kate Bunton

Myofunctional Disorders and /s/ and /z/ Misarticulation in College Students
Juliet Weinhold, Ph.D. and David Stettler

Service Provision of Feeding and Swallowing in Arizona
Cynthia Fangman Farrell, MSN, CCC-SLP; Gabrielle Posner; Brooke Santos; Joanna Wong

Implementation of a Dysphagia Screening Tool for Interprofessional Service Delivery
Joanna Wong, Kim Allen, Emi Isaki, Ph.D.

Neuroimaging Evidence of Language and Music Reorganization Post-Stroke
Julia Cai

The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on Bilingual Language Control
Ileana Ratiu

Examining Reminiscence Therapy over Telepractice in Individuals with Moderate Dementia
Lauren Crane and Emi Isaki, Ph.D.

Velopharyngeal Function During Speech Production in Individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Kaitlyn Kelhetter

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