ArSHA Strategic Plan

Approved December 5, 2017

Vision statement:
Striving for a state where everyone communicates to their full potential 

Mission Statement:
Empowering Arizona’s speech, language, and hearing professionals through advocacy, leadership, and professional development to best serve those with communication and related disorders  

Tag Line for Anniversary:
ArSHA – Helping you get your message across for 60 years 

Reaching Out Statement:
ArSHA reaches out to all professionals passionate about improving the communication abilities of those in need  

2018-2020 Strategic Initiatives 

I. Membership Development and Retention: As a professional organization, ArSHA is committed to providing a worthwhile and enriching experience for its members. 

Goal 1: Recruit a robust and diverse group of new members 

  1. ArSHA will send postcards describing benefits of membership to nonmembers (yearly – August). Responsible committees: Membership and Public Relations
  2. ArSHA board members will meet with school, hospital, and private practice groups to promote member benefits and recruit new members (as scheduled).  Responsible party: Executive board  

Goal 2: Retain and energize our current members 

  1. Members expressing interest in joining a committee or taking a leadership role will be contacted by the appropriate chair or board member (at Convention; during membership renewal month; when member expresses interest). Responsible committees: Executive board
  2. ArSHA will survey its members yearly on satisfaction and suggestions for improvement (yearly: Summer). Responsible party: Membership with input from Exec board         

II. Advocacy: As a professional organization, ArSHA is committed to advocating for its members, and individuals with communication disabilities and their families. 

Goal 1:  Build and maintain positive professional relationships with the AZ Department of Education (ADE), AZ Department of Health Services (DHS), and professional associations of related service providers. 

  1. The ASHA SEAL will maintain association with ADE through involvement with the Community of Practice (C of P) for related service providers/Community of Arizona School Therapists (COAST).  (Ongoing activity)
  2. The ASHA SEAL will reach out to ADHS Speech and Hearing Professions’ Advisory     Committee members and attend the ADHS' monthly Roundtable Discussions.  
  3. ArSHA will promote collaboration/collaborative leadership within the association and with allied fields such as the AZ OTA and AZ PTA.
  4. The ASHA SEAL will continue placing information regarding best practice, regulatory issues, and resources for school-based SLPs, SLTs and SLPAs, etc. on ArSHA’s and the ADE C of P/COAST Facebook pages.  (Ongoing activity)
  5. The ASHA State Education Advocacy Leader (SEAL), State Advocate for Reimbursement (STAR) and State Advocate for Medicare Policy (StAMP) will report on conference calls, issues, information and resources related to education, reimbursement, Medicare, and legislation on the advocacy section of the ArSHA website and on the ArSHA Facebook page.   

Goal 2:  Increase university student-professional interaction in the state association  

  1. ArSHA will provide mentors to new ArSHA student representatives. 
  2. ArSHA will encourage university students to join the association and participate in opportunities to learn about and engage in professional grassroots advocacy efforts.   
  3. ArSHA will provide opportunities for university student, who are ArSHA and/or NSSHLA members, for involvement in the planning and facilitation of Annual Conventions. (Ongoing)  

III. Financial Sustainability: As a professional organization, ArSHA is committed to maintaining a financially sound association 

Goal 1:  ArSHA will continue to utilize a professional association management company that maintains financial records and supports financial well-being 

  1. ArSHA’s Treasurer and Executive Board members will receive monthly bank statements and annual budget review and approval from professional association management company
  2. The professional association management company will comply with all federal, state and local tax reporting and documentation requirements
  3. The professional association management company will maintain and protect its ethical, confidential and fiduciary responsibilities regarding ArSHA’s financial position 

Goal 2: ArSHA strives to be good stewards of dues money, keeping costs down while providing a rich and meaningful experience for its members.