We Love a Good Story!!

One of my favorite niches in which to practice speech pathology in the schools has been with literacy. I love to dig deep into the relationships between reading comprehension and language, writing and expressive language, and all the pieces and parts. The longer I practiced, the more interested I became in the relevance of oral

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What’s in YOUR notebooks?

The other morning I was browsing some social media over my cup of coffee. I have a couple of SLP feeds that I interact with and a question posed this morning caught my interest. The SLP wanted group insights on whether to save her notebooks and materials from graduate studies about 6 years ago- would

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The Supervisor Experience

SLPs and audiologists are frequently asked to supervise interns, CFs, or SLPAs. This seems especially frequent in the schools. In my 22 years I have had many experiences with supervision and I can tell you first-hand, my style and ability to mentor the up and coming SLPs has changed a great deal for the better. 

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