Hidden Hearing Loss: Why is it Hidden?

ArSHA Webinar | One Hour (60 Minutes) Recorded Presentation Dates Offered: August 15-26 2022 Presenter: Zarin Mehta, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA Abstract: Hidden hearing loss (HHL) is a relatively recently reported auditory neuropathy. To perceive auditory signals, it is necessary that both the peripheral cochlear sensory cells and the cochlear neurons are functioning normally. In animal

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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities April 24, 2022 Below is a list of scholarship opportunities for SLP (or AuD). Be sure to review the criteria of each scholarship carefully and pay attention to the deadlines. Information about scholarships Helpful links: Audiology scholarships: Last two scholarships are student travel reimbursement

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Audiology Committee Legislative Update

The ArSHA Audiology Committee welcomes all Arizona Audiologists and Audiology students to participate in a Legislative Update via Zoom on September 28th from 6:15-7:00pm. Todd Baughman, ArSHA’s lobbyist, from Policy Development Group will discuss what he does to advocate for the Audiology profession, briefly describe how the legislative process works, and answer any questions you

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We All Have a Voice

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Nothing helps us raise our voice better than being connected with others. Gabby Giffords knows this well. She shared with us her message of recovery and the ability and responsibility to raise our voices. This video was available at our ArSHA Convention in April and we would love for you to be able to see it.

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AAC in Arizona: Navigating the New Managed Care Model – Recording

75 minute recording available August 22, 2021 – August 20, 2022 Handout download: AAC in Arizona Navigating the New Managed Care Model Handout (PDF) Presented by Jeremy Legaspi, MS CCC-SLP, Staci R. McCauley, M. Ed., M.S. CCC-SLP, Dr. Elizabeth Morrison, CCC-SLP and Danika Stampfel, M. S. CCC-SLP Description of the workshop: This 75-minute presentation focuses

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