Adds a new chapter to Title 36 (Public Health and Safety) regulating music therapists under the Department of Health Services. Establishes qualifications for certification as a music therapist, including a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university and a minimum number of hours of clinical training and internships. Beginning October 1, 2014, the Dept is required to issue a certificate to each appliant meeting these requirements. The Dept is authorized to adopt rules to establish fees, certification period, process for renewals and other rules necessary to implement this legislation. Does not prohibit the provision of music therapy by a person who is not certified if the person does not claim to be a board certified music therapist. Self-repeals July 1, 2019. AS VETOED BY GOVERNOR. Her veto message stated that the legislation fails to grant even the most basic oversight authority to the agency charged with issuing the certificates, and that the bill contains many undefined terms that would have made it difficult to implement.

First sponsor: Sen. Ward
Others: Sen. Driggs, Sen. S. Pierce
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SB1437  Daily History                   Date      Action

MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   4/22   Senate concurred in House amendments and passed on final reading 21-6; ready for governor.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   4/9    passed House 37-21; ready for Senate action on House amendments.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   4/8    House COW approved with floor amend #4957.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   4/2    from House rules okay. Stricken from House consent calendar by Carter.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   4/1    to House consent calendar.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   3/21  from House ref-hu ser do pass.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   3/19  referred to House ref-hu ser.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   3/19  from Senate rules okay. Senate COW approved with amend #4397 and floor amend #4800; amend 4342 was withdrawn. Passed Senate 24-6; ready for House.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   2/27  from Senate appro with amend #4397.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   2/25  from Senate hel-hu ser with amend #4342.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   2/20  Senate hel-hu ser amended; report awatied.
MUSIC THERAPISTS; LICENSURE   2/5    referred to Senate hel-hu ser, appro.