Effective Goal Writing in Medical Settings: How to Write Goals that Work for Us and Our Patients – Live Event

Date: Tuesday June 25, 2024, 5:30 to 7:00 pm

Speaker:  Lisa Bunker, PhD, CCC-SLP

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Bunker is an Assistant Professor in Speech Language Pathology at Midwestern University specializing in the assessment and treatment of aphasia and acquired apraxia of speech.  She is an ASHA certified clinician with nearly 20 years of experience.  Dr. Bunker worked clinically in adult (subacute) inpatient and rehabilitation setting for several years before pursuing her PhD from the University of Utah (2020) and then completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in Vascular Neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (2023).  Here research interests include the use of neuromodulation (tDCS and neurofeedback) to enhance treatment outcomes, outcome measurement, and factors that influence recovery after stroke.

Information Level:  Intermediate

This webinar will focus on identifying and avoiding common pitfalls that SLPs make writing goals, such as how to avoid the dreaded “plateau” in our outcomes, avoiding language that increases the likelihood of denial by insurance, getting out of the “impairment-based’ rut, or writing goals where the targets or outcome measures are not easily interpreted by the other clinicians.  It will also address ways to write functional goals that still allow clinicians the flexibility to adapt and adjust treatment activities and appropriate without needing to discontinue unmet goals.  There will be opportunities to workshop goals together so that we can learn from and support one another wit the skills we have gained in our respective practices and settings.

Learner Outcomes:
After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common problems in goal-writing that may affect reimbursement.
  • Identify strategies that will improve their ability to document progress ( and thereby justify services)
  • Demonstrate abilities for writing functional, patient-centered goals that are easy for any care provider or administrator to interpret and measure.

Time Ordered Agenda:
5 minutes        Welcome and introduction
20 minutes      Documenting progress & Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs)
10 minutes      Factors affecting reimbursement
10 minutes      Flexible goals within a SMART or SMARTER framework
10 minutes      Functional (activity & participation-focused) goals in a SMART or SMARTER framework
35 Minutes:     Goal-writing workshop – application of learning principles using real examples of goals (shared by attendees if possible, or provided my presenter of needed)

Registration for Live Webinar:

ArSHA Member: $25
Non Member: $50
Students: $10

Disclosure Statements:
Financial Disclosure: Lisa Bunker will be receiving an honorarium from ArSHA for this presentation.  She currently works as an Assistant Professor in Speech Language Pathology at Midwestern University and will be referencing case studies from her place of employment.

Non-Financial Disclosure:  Lisa Bunker has no non-financial disclosures.