ArSHA and encourages you to support the removal of state tax on hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries. Please read the information below provided by our friends from the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing,  and act today!

State of Arizona, SB 1049 – Hearing Aid Battery Tax
ACDHH supports a removal of the state tax on hearing aid and cochlear implant rechargeable batteries. Senate Bill 1049 would remove this tax. The bill will be heard in the Senate Finance Committee meeting at the state capitol on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 8:00 am in Senate Hearing Room 1. Please contact the Senators listed below and ask them to support the removal of the hearing aid battery tax. Rechargeable batteries for hearing aids and cochlear implants should be exempt from taxation.
Please note that you can contact these Senators, even if you are not in their district.  These Senators sit on the Senate Finance Committee and if this bill does not pass out of the Finance Committee, it will not move forward. As such, these Senators are representing all Arizonans, not just their district.
Senator Sonny Borrelli, District 5, email:
Senator Sean Bowie, District 18, email:
Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford, District 3, email:
Senator Karen Fann, Vice-Chairman, District 1, email:
Senator Steve Farley, District 9, email:
Senator David C. Farnsworth, Chairman, District 16,
Senator Warren Petersen, District 12, email: 
Not sure who your Senator or Representatives are?  Click here and find out: