How to Stay Connected While Practicing “Social Distancing”

Please enjoy this rousing tune while you read, from your ArSHA family.


COVID-19 has certainly led to tremendous changes to life as we know it. Whether you have some unexpected vacation time or are navigating the unchartered territory of working from home, the career you’ve grown accustomed to suddenly looks quite different. Whatever your situation may be, staying connected to the speech-language-hearing community may offer some comfort during this unprecedented situation.

Throughout my experience as a graduate student, I find a great deal of motivation and inspiration simply through following various SLPs on Instagram, joining social media groups and networking with ArSHA members. During this time of uncertainty especially, it has been comforting to connect with other graduate students and SLPs who are navigating new territory and I wanted to share some of my favorite resources:

Facebook Groups/Pages:
SLPs for Evidence-Based Practice: This is a helpful group that is FULL of helpful SLPs determined to help you deliver quality, evidence-based services to your clients. You can either browse different questions or topics (tip: use the search bar to browse specific topics of interest to you) or post on the page directly to ask a question(s). Most posts are filled with comments that might include general advice and/or link journal articles to support you!
ArSHA: like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram for updates about our organization, Arizona legislature, resources, and more!

Instagram Pages: Here are just a few of my favorite SLPs to follow on Instagram. Each page offers something a little different. These are SLPs that have really inspired me to continue learning and to be creative when planning treatment. They also offer a TON of resources like materials, giveaways, general advice, freebies and more!


Shop ArSHA Gear Online: Jump on over to the ArSHA store for some online shopping.

Join our Latest Social Media Contest:
ArSHA is bringing back our office contest since so many of us have had big changes to our workspaces in the last couple of weeks. Share a photo of your new “office” using #ArSHAofficecontest by April 10th to be entered to win some fun ArSHA swag. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to get some creative ideas for your work-from-home offices and to see what other professionals in Arizona are up to. We know that this is a hard and unprecedented situation for all of us, so we wanted to find a light-hearted way to stay connected and have a little fun.

Participate in our Annual Coloring Contest:
This year we added a special contest just for speech/hearing professionals. If you are searching for a relaxing activity, go ahead and enter the color contest yourself! It is no longer just for kids! You can find all of the information and a copy of the coloring page here:

Kids of all ages color!
The winner will receive some ArSHA swag and bragging rights!

Participate in a Virtual Happy Hour/Meetup
Hop on a Zoom meeting with some of your co-workers or other speech/hearing professionals to chit chat, brainstorm, or maybe even commiserate. Remember, we are all in this together.

Join ArSHA’s Annual Meeting
On Saturday, April 4th, you are invited to participate in our annual meeting via Zoom. This is a great opportunity to find out about what ArSHA has been up to this year and how they have been advocating and supporting you. Awards will also be given out to several speech/hearing professionals, so it is a wonderful time to support your peers. The meeting will take place from 12:00-1:30 PM.