Language Experience Through Literature; We are in a Book!

Session 7 from ArSHA's 2020 Virtual Convention

Amy Anson, MS, CCC-SLP, Mesa Public Schools

Everyone loves a good story, right? Every story is an opportunity to help students connect with an author, a reader and with each other. This session will present a literature-based language approach in which the focus is intentionally presenting language through stories. Literature sharing provides an opportunity to promote rich language comprehension in an efficient and highly engaging way. The target for this approach is young learners with developmental language abilities from pre-k to second grade. The methods described can be applied to various books, accommodating different interests and abilities. Participants will learn to combine a variety of strategies including animated reading, Tier II vocabulary instruction, sequencing and story retell. These strategies expose young learners to early print concepts, character development, story grammar, literature awareness, main ideas and beginning inferences/predictions. Group communication is fostered as children learn appropriate ways of sharing their thoughts about stories in meaningful ways, having conversations about books and engaging with them together. Opportunities for social emotional concepts are frequent. This approach takes reading stories from a teacher-driven presentation to a student-centered, purpose driven language experience approach. Students learn early that authors connect others with great ideas through what they write, and experience early success with books!

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

    • Describe three strategies for choosing appropriate books for literature-based therapy activities.
    • List three ways to implement supports for student success in sequencing story events.
    • Describe two ways to use story-based activities to improve students' abilities in answering questions.

Time Ordered Agenda:

10 Minutes - Introduction
20 Minutes - Why narratives
30 Minutes - Comprehension and Cohesion
20 Minutes - Vocabulary and Expression
10 Minutes - Question and Answers

Webinar Registration Rates:

$25 for ArSHA members
$50 for non-members




This course is offered for 0.15 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate; Professional area).


Financial Disclosure: Amy Anson has no relevant financials to disclose.

Non-financial Disclosure: Amy Anson will be presenting material was developed as part of service to students in the Early Childhood Education System in Mesa Public Schools. While it is the work of this author, it can also be considered property of MPS.