The Arizona State Board of Education (ASBE) will be meeting on Monday, January 29, beginning at 9am, to vote on the Qualified Providers List that ADE submitted, per ASBE request. See list here:

For an explanation of the issue, go to page 106 of the ASBE agenda for Monday’s meeting:

Our President, Fe Murray, will be addressing the board during the public comment period. If you would like to attend and lend your support, meet us there: 1535 W. Jefferson, Conf. 122, Phoenix.

If you cannot attend, but would like to express your views on this issue, send an email to the board by Friday at noon, to: . Tell the board that the professionals who are qualified to evaluate and diagnose children for speech-language impairments, are masters level Speech-Language Pathologists. Help bring Arizona in compliance with the requirements of the federal law IDEA 04.

ArSHA membership is not required for you to speak up about this issue. However, do consider joining us by renewing your membership.

Questions? Contact ArSHA at