ArSHA Membership Guide

Becoming an ArSHA Member:

Interested in becoming a member of the Arizona Speech-Language Hearing Association? Please download the ArSHA Membership form below, fill it out, and return it to the ArSHA Office.

ArSHA Mail-In Membership Application- Adobe PDF
ArSHA Online Membership Application

What does ArSHA do for me as an Audiologist or Speech Language Pathologist?

  • Annual membership cards at a cost effective rate of only 21 cents a day
  • Annual membership directory
  • Annual ArSHA convention with discounts given to members
  • Town Hall meeting which allows for communication to take place throughout the state giving an excellent forum for "smaller communities" to express their concerns and opinions
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Awards and honors
  • Lobbyist to advocate and monitor at the state legislature and licensing board
  • Committee and task forces to work with state organizations to promote our professions
  • Opportunities for participation and leadership in Association governance - elected and appointed positions are available for members annually
  • Email communication with alerts and information
  • Continuous monitoring of activities that directly affect our practices with local, state, and national agencies as well as health care organizations
  • Strength in numbers - with both audiology and SLP members together, we are stronger at a legislative level
  • Liaison with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • Annual opportunities for continuing education
  • Dedicated website to ArSHA which provides the opportunity for professionals across the state to keep up on events related to our professions
  • Online referral opportunities
  • Online forum to network with professionals state wide
  • Forum to provide public awareness and education as well as appropriate referrals for both consumers and other professionals
  • Forum for ethical concerns to be addressed
  • Forum for job referrals and employment opportunities