ArSHA supports the removal of the state tax on hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries. Senate Bill 1049 would remove this tax. This bill will be heard in the Senate Finance Committee meeting at the state capitol on Wednesday January 10th at 9am. Please contact your legislators and ask them to support the removal of the hearing aid battery tax.

ArSHA believes that batteries for hearing aids and cochlear implants should not be taxed. Just as other medically necessary items such as oxygen tanks and oxygen, insulin and the syringes necessary to administer it, are not subject to Arizona state tax, the batteries that supply the power for hearing devices should also be exempt from taxation. Medically prescribed hearing aids cannot function without batteries, yet the batteries that power the hearing aids are currently taxed. Batteries are an integral component of these devices and should be exempted from sales tax. ArSHA urges you to contact your state senator to vote yes on Senate Bill 1049 to remove the hearing aid battery tax.

If you are unsure who your Senator or Representatives is, follow this link to find out: