Troubleshooting For School Hearing Screenings

Welcome to our YouTube video! In this informative session, Dr. Linda Nieb, an educational audiologist and Vice President of Audiology for the Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ArSHA), joins Dr. Michael Skelton, a clinical audiologist and professor at Northern Arizona University, to discuss troubleshooting techniques for school hearing screenings.

The objectives of this presentation are to help you better understand the rationale behind different hearing screening techniques, troubleshoot equipment problems, and gain a basic understanding of follow-up procedures. Additionally, this video aims to fulfill the continuing education requirements set by the Arizona Department of Health Services for their Sensory Program.

According to Arizona law (Arizona Administrative Code 9-13-108), hearing screeners certified through the Department of Health Services must complete 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each calendar year applicable to the type of audiological equipment used for screenings. As an educational audiologist working closely with school nurses, Dr. Linda Nieb addresses the struggles and questions often faced by hearing screeners, making this presentation valuable for their professional development.

Dr. Michael Skelton emphasizes the importance of the three-tone pure-tone audiometry as the gold standard due to its ability to assess the entire auditory system, from the outer ear to the brainstem. The use of otoacoustic emissions screeners is also discussed. Dr. Linda and Dr. Michael offer practical advice to those responsible for audiometers in school districts or individuals newly assigned to this role.

Join us in this video to gain knowledge about troubleshooting techniques for school hearing screenings and expand your understanding of the screening process. Don't forget to stay updated on the continuing education requirements and renew your certification accordingly.

This video consists of 1 hour and 17 minutes of instruction for continuing education towards the Hearing Screener Certification renewal of the Sensory Program at Arizona Department of Health Services.


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