VP for Speech Pathology Darrell Dern Shares His plan for the year

Leadership in a state level professional organization is a way of giving back to the community. This is how I view my role as Vice President for Speech Pathology for ArSHA – I am there to help organize, facilitate, support and communicate the needs and barriers of the professional practice of Speech Language Pathology in the variety of settings in which we practice – school based practices, medical based practices and private practice.

In addition, I view my role as one of an influencer with my peers. I hear statements from my colleagues such as “What is ArSHA doing to help me with…case load size…reimbursement…regulatory issues…?” ArSHA is your voice at a state level to help YOU affect change in your practice setting. It is important to note that ArSHA’s only way to affect change is through leadership and influence at the state level in collaboration with those who are doing the day to day work in the schools, clinics and universities.

It is also my mission to be visible in the ArSHA committee meetings and community outreach activities. I will be asking the question – “How can I help you…how can we come up with answers, together?” It is my job to communicate information from ArSHA to our colleagues in the field and from our colleagues to ArSHA. I chose to be a leader in ArSHA to help you become a leader for change in your professional setting.

Leadership skills are something we all possess. The process and commitment to become a communication professional demanded a level of personal leadership. We are the “Communication Leader” in our practices and a “Communication Leader/Partner” with our clients and families. ArSHA works because ArSHA is us.