Honors and Awards Recipients

Marilyn Quintana Moline Mentorship Awards

Marilyn Quintana Moline was a skillful, kind, and encouraging mentor to many of us in Arizona!  She excelled at working with new clinicians and graduate students, especially in the area of neurological impairments. She received her MA at the University of Denver in 1968 and came to work at the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Phoenix in 1969, serving as its Director of Speech Pathology services until her retirement in 1991. She became a Fellow of ASHA in 1988 and served in ArSHA several years, most notably as its President from 1984-1988.

Marilyn passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 1999. Her husband, John Moline, addressed us at the next ArSHA convention.  He said she died from progressive multiple sclerosis, which was in addition to the spinal cord injury she sustained when she was 14 years old that left her a “wheelchair user.”  In her final years, she endured all that was happening to her without complaining. 

John said, “She was the bravest person I ever met.” Rather than use his money for personal gain, he set up an endowment for a graduate fellowship at ASU in Marilyn’s name and an endowment for the addition of a monetary gift to be added to the Mentorship Award that ArSHA planned in her memory.  He said he wanted to help persons already in the profession who were as dedicated as she was. In his closing remarks at our convention, he said, “When these endowments became a reality, I felt the greatest sense of satisfaction and the most happiness that anything could have given me at this point in my life.  I’m sure Marilyn would be pleased with this Mentorship Award in her honor.”

Past Recipients

2001 Patsy Talamante
2002 James Case
2003 Daniel R. Boone
2004 Susan Parady
2005-2006 No Award
2007 Irma Canas
2008 Jan Andersen
2009-2013 No Award
2014 Sherril Howard
2016 Elizabeth Gapp

James Case
Student Clinical Award

Dr. James Case was a professor in the ASU Department of Speech and Hearing Science for 33 years. He was a Fellow of ASHA and he was a recipient of the Honors of ArSHA, also receiving its Marilyn Quintana Moline Mentorship Award. He served for 15 years on the highly respected Southwest Craniofacial Medical team.  Dr. Case was well known for his work in voice disorders and his popular textbook, Clinical Management of Voice Disorders, but he was even more known for his excellence in treating his patients with kindness and compassion and for his role as a caring mentor and role model for both professionals and students.  He was chosen as an outstanding teacher in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University.  Dr. Case inspired his students and made learning fascinating and fun.  His genuine concern and respect for others and his love of his profession were obvious to all.  His early departure from ASU due to illness in 2006 was truly a great loss.

His spirit is kept alive at ASU through a department sponsored annual James Case Memorial Workshop in fall at ASU – and a James Case Speech and Hearing Scholarship which provides financial aid to those seeking a profession in the art and science of speech-language pathology.

His spirit is kept alive in ArSHA.   In memoriam in 2006, the ArSHA student clinician award was formally renamed in honor of Dr. Case, and our annual James Case Student Clinical Award was born.  At the 2006 ArSHA convention, the late Dr. Anthony DeFeo, a remarkable SLP and Clinic Director at the U of A, presented a video tribute in honor of Dr. Case called, “The Master, the Mentor, the Man,” after which there was a prolonged standing ovation from all convention attendants.  The deep gratitude and respect shown by those present was truly remarkable.

Allison King, UA
Sharifa Al Ragam, NAU
Suzanne Hommel, ASU

Lindsey Curtis, UA
Nicole Zasso, NAU
Leslie Herr, ASU

Laura Nickerson, UA
Julie Demes, NAU
Sarah Cullick, ASU

Amanda Vanvianen, UA
Crystle Alavez, NAU
Kristen Taylor, ASU

Courtney Nakata, UA
Stephanie Strong, NAU
Katie Sterbenz, ASU
Emily Wairm, ATSU

Chelsea Bayley, UA
Sarah Cambanes, NAU
Rebecca Mathews, ASU
Heather Dudley, ATSU

Lindsey Harrington, UA
Danelle Moffett, NAU
Molly Morgan, ASU
Rebecca Gebre, ATSU

Ella Hauwiller, UA
Jesirae Juarez, NAU
Alexandra Melhan, ASU
Kayla Newkirk, ATSU

Beth Harasha, ASU
Giau Le, UA
Nicole Wolf, ATSU
Ethan Wash, NAU

Emily Venskytis, ASU
Jenna Lochner, UA
Briana Garrett, ATSU  
Gretchen Bergstrand, NAU

Tifani Wilhelm, ASU
Whitney Mast, UA
Kaitlin Harvey, ATSU
Jack Anger, NAU

Kristen Lindsay, ASU
Elisabeth Blue Dupuis, UA
Madeline Maharry, ATSU
Micaelyn Montgomery, NAU
Christina MacAuley, Midwestern University

ArSHA Student Clinical Award

Jessica Dionne, NAU
Lia Sotak, UA
Heather Lafferty, ASU

Stacee Gloeckeler, NAU
Stacy Stone, UA
Jacqui Dippong, ASU

Kara Bidstrup, NAU
Kristen Bencala, UA
Yu-Kyong Choe, ASU

Lindsay Quinn, NAU
Leigh Finkbiner, UA
Joy Leslie, ASU

Amanda Swanson, NAU
Laura Veazey, UA    
Jennifer Horne, ASU

Adrianna Lazzara, NAU
Rachel Reitz, UA
Krista Blasetti, ASU

Honors Of The Association

1972 Nora Gist
  Liz Metz
  Robert Plummer
  Klonda Lynn
  Rosalie Schlegelmilch
1973 Jeanne Clark
  Paul Skinner
1974 Jean Boudreaux
  Jerri Ueberle
1975 Ruth Anderson
1976 No Award
1977 William Hodgson
  Marilyn Click
1978 Daniel R. Boone
1979 John Franks
1980 Richard Curlee
  Ralph Shelton
1981 Marcia Campbell
  Jean Glattk e
1982 No Award
1983 Kathryn Bayless
1984-1987 No Award
1988 Ted Glattke
1989 Patricia Whaley
1990 Marilyn Quintanna
1991 Elizabeth Prather
  Kathleen Peterson
1992 James Case
  Judith Meyer
1992-1994 No Award
1995 Patsy Talamante
  Sandra Turek
1996 Leonard La Pointe
1997 No Award
1998 Kathy Mahosky
1999 Susan Parady
2000-2001 No Award
2002 Anthony DeFeo
2003 No Award
2004 Laurie Flitner
2005 Lori Tanniguichi
2006 No Award
2007 Karen Labrozzi
2008-2009 No Award
2010 Amy Heck
2011 Debra Venkatesh
  Bob Jenson
2012-2013 No Award
2014 Jeff Meeks
2018 Mary Keeney

Robert Albright Award

1984    Katherine Bright
1985    M.J. Demetras
1986    Kenalyn Cromwell
1987    Melinda Heald
1988    JoAnn Harrold
1989    No Award
1990    Barbara Biggs
            Shelley Long
1991    Pelagie Beeson
1992     Nancy Solomon
1993    Wendy Maske
1994    Julie Darland    
1995    Danielle Montoya
1996-2000       No Award