Opportunities & Things to Know

The graduate programs in our state offer a variety of learning opportunities. Besides the rigorous core courses that each program provides, there are electives that add to the learning experience. Below are some of these opportunities. Then, find some hints and tricks that will make your transition to Arizona and graduate school a little smoother.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not considered exhaustive and may not be the most recent information available at each institution. ArSHA does not take responsibility for out-of-date information, and instead encourages the reader to check with each individual institution’s website. Also, check with each institution for any special instructions or updates regarding COVID-19.

Cultural linguistic diversity:

  • Bilingual Certificate Programs at ASU and UA
    • Arizona State University:
      • Multicultural/Multilingual Certificate
        • Bilingual Certification available w/ language proficiency test
      • Multicultural Coursework:
        • Communication Disorders and Multicultural Populations
        • Bilingual Language Acquisition
        • Multilingual Speech Pathology
      • Clinical Experiences:
        • Multicultural/Multilingual Certificate goal is 150 contact hours with CLD populations
      • University of Arizona:
        • Bilingual workshop
          • SLHS 597: Topics in Service Delivery with Bilingual Populations – recent course syllabus
        • Bilingual Course
          • SLHS 435/535: Bilingualism, Multiculturalism, and Nonmainstream Dialects – recent course syllabus
        • Bilingual clinical experience (e.g., working with bilingual speakers, interpreters, etc.)

Advantageous electives

  • Arizona State University:
    • Survival Sign Language
    • Counseling in Communication Disorders
    • Medical Aspects of SLP
  • Northern Arizona University:
    • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • University of Arizona:
    • Pediatric Dysphagia Workshop
    • Medical Speech-Language Pathology Workshop
      • SLHS 597: Medical Speech-Language Pathology Workshop – recent course syllabus
    • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
      • SLHS 597: Augmentative and Alternative Communication – recent course syllabus


Things we wish we’d known about grad school

  • Self-care is crucial to survival
  • Mistakes mean you’re learning
  • Important to seek out an advisor/mentor to help balance all the workloads and guide you
  • Good grades are important to track your classroom knowledge, but they are not the most important thing in grad school; your soft skills are SO important!
  • Be open to trying out a lot of different placements and age levels – you may have your mind set on one group, but learn you love working with a different population.
  • The professors and faculty in your program want you to succeed! Talk to them if you are struggling or need help.

Moving to Arizona for Grad School? Here’s what we wish we knew!


  • Tucson’s flooded streets during monsoon- invest in tall rain boots for walking to class!
  • It is still hot even thought it is a dry heat – invest in lots of sunscreen and SPF clothing.
  • Don’t forget a hat!


  • Session at 7am in January? Don’t wear the peep toe flats…your toes will freeze!
  • Life is expensive in Flagstaff! Make sure you are prepared for rent costs and do your research before you move on up.
  • Love the outdoors and beautiful seasons? Flagstaff is an outdoor retreat! Tons of hiking trails, biking and rock climbing!


  • The valley is huge. Before you commit to housing, make sure you know how far the drive is to campus!
  • Covered parking is a huge benefit if you can get it!
  • Be prepared for the heat, it’s not a joke. Start getting your body acclimated to drinking water before coming.
  • Lots of things to do downtown in the free time, such as sports and concerts.