AHCCCS, Communication and the ABA

ArSHA needs your help with an urgent advocacy effort! AHCCCS has proposed new policy expanding reimbursement for ABA services. ArSHA is not opposed to the work of Behavior Analysts and we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with these providers. However, our concern is with specific language regarding the assessment and treatment of communication (see page 3 paragraph 2 and page 6 bullet 15c) as we feel this falls outside the scope of Behavior Analysts. We invite you to read the proposed policy (https://comments.azahcccs.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/AMPM-320-S-Applied-Behavior-Analysis.pdf) and provide comment (https://comments.azahcccs.gov/chapter-100-introduction/ampm-320-s-applied-behavior-analysis-2/). Public comment closes on 9/21 so please act soon!