Bilingual AAC Resources for Promote Family Buy-in

Rui Hernandez, MA, CCC-SLP

It is crucial to capitalize on the home language foundations of our AAC users to facilitate dual language development. We know this leads to access and engagement in ALL environments. By incorporating the home language into intervention planning, family buy-in increases. This is critical to AAC intervention to avoid isolation at home and in cultural communities. Supporting bilingual families can be challenging particularly when there is a provider-client language mismatch. SLPs need to be creative in using available resources to meet the AAC user’s needs. This article includes resources to for SLPs and parents to support bilingual AAC users and their language development journey. 

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ArSHA | 2023 Honors and Awards Recipients

ArSHA is proud to announce the following 2023 Honors and Awards recipients: Honors of the Association Jennifer A. Casteix, MS, CCC-SLP The Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship Abbie White, BS The Marilyn Moline Mentorship Award Judith B. King, PhD, CCC-SLP The Sandra Turek Award for Outstanding Leadership Sarah Dachtyl, PhD, CCC-SLP The James Case Student Clinical

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