The Supervisor Experience

SLPs and audiologists are frequently asked to supervise interns, CFs, or SLPAs. This seems especially frequent in the schools. In my 22 years I have had many experiences with supervision and I can tell you first-hand, my style and ability to mentor the up and coming SLPs has changed a great deal for the better.  I have learned from each of them!
It makes sense to me that ASHA would take a vested interest to ensure that our profession continues to grow in this area.  Regarding the requirement that begins with 2020 (regardless of your ASHA CE cycle) I have reviewed and done the following:
When logging into ASHA, and then to “My Account“, the fist page that comes up is a list of all things related to your certification. The first heading is Certification and Supervision. There you will find another for 2020 Requirements for Clinical Instructors, Supervisors, and Clinical Fellowship Mentors.  When you open this it will tell you if ASHA has already recognized your completion.  It is simply a matter of whether a course in supervision has appeared on your ASHA transcript.
You may also click “Edit” in the upper right corner of that box to Self-Attest that you have completed it.  Be aware that you must have some proof of a course, one you may have taken outside of your ASHA registry, in order to check that yes you have completed it.  That certificate for 2.0 hours should be saved in the event you are audited. This requirement is  ONE TIME task.
Supervision can be such a great experience on both sides of the relationship! Mentoring is where it’s at!