Everyone needs a mentor.


You read me right. I have been a speech language pathologist for 24 years and I still need one. I don’t know about you but the activities of the last year- learning new systems, making changes relevant to meeting the needs of our clients or students- have shown me very clearly that I still need mentoring.


Have I been a mentor? I think so. I sure hope so. I have enjoyed the supervision of students and SLPAs through my career to this point. Add that to collaboration with allied professionals and I have a wealth of experiences that have filled my cup in ways I can’t describe. Everyone benefits when someone is willing to mentor, and someone else accepts it.


We have so many opportunities and obligations as SLPs and audiologists. We may not have an oath like the hippocratic but there is an unwritten call to serve associated with our roles. Some of us knew it long before and kept our eye on a goal. Others fell into some kind of wonderful by circumstance and realized that “yes, this is what I need to be doing.”


However you decided to join your profession, we need you to help this thing grow. Our professional fields will thrive when we honor the unwritten agreement to give back. None of us got where we are without being a student, having a mentor, and having un-numbered supporters along the way. The need to mentor and be mentored is forever.


Will you consider joining us in ArSHA? We have opportunities to volunteer that put you right in the path of mentorship. We don’t need people to be perfect, just willing! Look for more to come from ArSHA on ways to get involved or visit our Facebook page for other ways to engage with us. Our board members respond to messages there as well.


TOGETHER is how we get things done!! #arshatogether