ArSHA Government Affairs Update – 11/08/2020

The Arizona State Legislature is currently out of session.  Even still, there is plenty to occupy the time and attention of ArSHA’s Government Affairs Committee.  Committee members have had meetings with AZDHS, ADE, senior staff with Governor Ducey’s office, and a host of other stakeholders regarding the upcoming legislative session and the bills we are looking to support.  ArSHA advocated for two bills during the spring 2020 session which were at the finish line when the legislature adjourned due to COVID.  These bills, in some form, will be run again during the next session and we are very optimistic they will pass.  The bills will make important changes including permanent authorization for AUDs, SLPs and SLPAs to provide and be reimbursed for teletherapy as well as a change to statute allowing for direct supervision of SLPAs via telesupervision.  We are working with stakeholders and legislators on the process for preparing these bills to drop when the legislative session begins.  ArSHA will provide you with updates when there are firm details to share and there are opportunities for you to participate in the process.