An ArSHA Call to Action

Lisa Naylor is ArSHA’s StAMP (State Advocate for Medicare Policy) representative. She has been keeping our membership apprised of relevant legislation on Capitol Hill. Following is the latest information she has provided. This involves a newly proposed bill intended as a stop gap to Medicare B cuts affecting audiology and speech-language pathology reimbursement for services. ArSHA encourages its members and all audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and SLP-Assistants to consider active support of this bill. To do so, click on the ASHA Take Action link below. ASHA makes it easy: if you complete your personal information, the letter of support is pre-populated with your information as well as the information of the your relevant U.S. Representative. After that, all you have to do is click send!

A proposed bill (H.R. 8702), dubbed “The Holding Providers Harmless from Medicare Cuts during COVID-19 Act” has been introduced to the House of Representatives. The bill would temporarily address cuts to Medicare Part B’s reimbursement of audiology and speech-language pathology reimbursement until a longer-term solution is developed. Let’s get behind this bill and advocate for our U.S. Representatives to support it!