ArSHA’s Mentorship Program

Sign up today for ArSHA's 2021-2022 Mentorship ProgramOver the past year, I had the privilege of mentoring a second year leveler student from Northern Arizona University about all things Speech. During our monthly meetings via Zoom or phone calls, we talked about the profession, strategies to help prepare for the upcoming Praxis exam and even practice interview questions. Each month my mentee often had questions about the profession and it was exciting to share not only my experience, but also to share resources for further research to continue learning more. Due to COVID, she reported her experiences had only been via teletherapy and was concerned for in-person services. We talked through various similarities and differences between service delivery, but ultimately we were able to connect for an in-person observation and then clinic experience at my clinic. While I juggle a lot of hats with a full time clinic job and contract work for AAC evaluations and training, I easily was able to volunteer at a minimum a half an hour to an hour per month, to help mentor. My mentee was flexible with scheduling appointments and we decided once a month was adequate to check in. During sessions, we created goals for things we wanted to discuss and created a plan to execute and accomplish our goals so that they would be mutually supportive to both mentor and mentee. At times, I was very busy and almost needed  to cancel our meetings, but after our conversations I was reminded again of the importance of connecting with other SLPs. While I was a graduate student, I had lots of questions and consistently looked to my supervisors for support. Through this past year, I was reminded of the importance of mentorship as I would not be the SLP I would be today if it wasn’t for my supervisors and mentors. I would highly encourage any and all ArSHA members to sign up to be a mentor to not only connect with other CSD professionals but to help mentor the next generation of professionals in our field.  

Interested in being a mentor yourself? Sign up for ArSHA’s 2021-2022 Mentorship Program by clicking HERE!