Got Skin in the Game?


Dear Arizona Audiologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and SLP Assistants;

We’ve Got Skin in the Game!

Having skin in the game is an expression used to convey at least a couple meanings. In business, it is when high-ranking insiders of an organization increase their personal risk by investing some of their own funds back into the business. In other contexts, it means having a personal risk incurred in a game or toward a goal.


I have been reflecting on the stakes of this year’s Convention, and what it means that we are able to host this event in person this year. It only takes a minute to be grateful and relieved that as a community we are finally back to where this is possible, safe, and promising. 


Our time is now! Your Arizona Speech and Hearing Association Convention Co-Chairs, their committee, and Board members have skin in the game. So much time and attention has gone into planning this gathering and bringing you relevant and meaningful information from fabulous presenters. 


With all of the effort we put into advocacy during the year to protect professional interests at the state level, none of it is possible without funds. The Convention is our bread and butter next to your investment in membership. We can not continue without it. And whether each SLP or audiologist realizes from month to month what is happening in the legislature that affects our work, it happens. Truth is whether you intended to or not, you all have some skin in the game because we are all governed by the system and we all share the risk! What happens when we are not watching affects all of us. That is why we keep our skin in the game. We are here, we are there, looking out for your interests.

We invite you to intentionally put some skin in the game. Attending the Convention is one of the most meaningful things you can do. Be with your colleagues. Re-Connect, Re-Charge and Re-Build with us for another year of high-quality services and evidence-based practices; help us replenish the budget that sustains our work and efforts where grit and passion are not enough. Seriously consider becoming a member if you are not already. ASHA sets a code of ethics and position statements but they can not tell Arizona what to do with that. That is why we have to keep some skin in the Arizona game.


You need us, and we need you. Please help us make our comeback to live Convention, a big one!