Sandra L. Turek Award

Do you know an ArSHA member, who has followed in the example established by
Sandra Turek, M.S., CCC-A, and who demonstrates outstanding leadership in the
professions of audiology or speech-language pathology?
Need some info about Sandra? Sandra Turek was the Assistant Chief of Audiology
and Speech Pathology at the Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Phoenix,
Arizona. While at the VA, she steadfastly advocated for the needs of military men and
women. Sandra was one of two ArSHA members who led the effort to establish and
require licensure for AuDs and SLPs in Arizona. In doing so, she was instrumental in
bringing together the various stakeholders to further the professions. Sandra worked
tirelessly for state licensure even though, at the time, she was exempt from state
licensure law. After licensure was accomplished, Sandra served on the first licensure
advisory committee and continued to serve the professions as a mentor, preceptor and
a leader through her work at the VA, ArSHA and ASHA until her retirement. Sandra was
dedicated to the betterment of the professions and to safeguarding the health, safety
and welfare of the public.
Yes, you know someone? Then check out the new “Sandra L. Turek Award for
Outstanding Leadership”. For more information, READ MORE here: