What’s in YOUR notebooks?

The other morning I was browsing some social media over my cup of coffee. I have a couple of SLP feeds that I interact with and a question posed this morning caught my interest. The SLP wanted group insights on whether to save her notebooks and materials from graduate studies about 6 years ago- would she need them or ever even look?

We all have those things, or did for a while. I still have some relics from my graduate studies and that was the message I commented back. I enjoy looking at some of the theory-based papers I wrote, case studies, and notes. They help me look back at myself over time and appreciate how much I have developed professionally since then. It’s almost as though I had learned to walk with a stable gait and now I can run! (PTs are some of our friends…)

As members of ArSHA we have opportunities to continue to learn and develop as professionals; to follow the trends of growing knowledge and release ideas that no longer fit the understanding of best practice. Apart from our yearly convention and smaller conferences, we have webinars that members can take advantage of for some of their CEUs. Visit the link below to view what is available and then tell a friend!

While you do that, I’ll get another cup of coffee and get out one of those old files. See you soon!